About is a default gateway of most of the wifi routers and modems. You can use this IP address to configure your router and most of the wifi routers or modem.

Using this host IP address (, You can easily configure and modify the settings of your router. It can include changing network setting, Username and passwords, DNS and several other things.

Detected Device

Our tool had detected the following IP address in your local network.

  • Your Local IP Address:

  • Your Gateway (Guessing):

Still not able to login to your routers IP address? Check here to find your routers IP address!

You can use try the sequence of these username and password combination to get your default username and password of the router.

Username Passwords
admin admin
(none) (none)
admin password
admin (none)
admin 1234
Administrator Password
Administrator password

If none of the above username and password works for you, click here to check the default username and password of your router’s model from our database.

About IP Address is a default host address of most of the modern routers and modems. This IP address is use to change and modify the default settings of a router.

You can use the IP address to modify and make changes to your routers default setting. This IP address helps to change Username and Password, Network Setting, Connected End-Device etc.

Click here to login to

…If doesnt works for you.. click here to check the default IP address of your router..

How to Login to

If your router uses the IP address, then you can connect to your configuration wizard by opening the web browser and visiting the below IP address.

Once you click the above button, It will now asks for the username and password. Enter your username and password or click here to check default username and password in our database.

Once you successfully logged in to your account, you may now be able to make necessary changes to your routers setting and also you can modify them.

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