– Router Admin Config is a host address commonly used in Xiaomi Wifi Routers. If you’re using Xiaomi router, you can use IP address to open its configuration wizard.

You can use this IP ( to configure the default settings of your Xiaomi Wifi Router with ease. As of now, only Xiaomi routers offer host IP address with their devices.

If you own any other wireless devices, you can check out our additional guides on, and guides.

And in case you don’t know the default gateway of your router’s, you can check it here.

Click here to access your admin console

What is IP Address

The IP address is commonly known as host address in Xiaomi Wifi Routers. As of now, the IP address is only used by them.

If you own a Xiaomi router, you can open the configuration wizard of your router using this gateway. It also facilitates you to change and modify your router’s default setting including DNS (Domain Name Server) Setting, VPN (Virtual Private Network), Devices and several other things.

Click here to access your admin console

Default Username and Password for MiWifi Router

Don’t able to find the default username and password to access MiWifi router at gateway?

Don’t worry!

Here I listed all the default username and password used by MiWifi Router to access their configuration page at host address. You can use all the username and passwords shown here to access your router’s configuration page.


Click here to access your admin console

How to Access Gateway?

Don’t know how to access the gateway from your end-device?

Don’t worry!

To access the Gateway, first, you need to make sure you’re connected to a valid router’s network. Once you’re connected to a valid network you can click here to open the gateway in your device.

Click here to access another admin console,,,

Once you clicked on the above link, it will open another login page in your browser’s windows. Login to your Routers account using the default password or using the default password (You can check the default router’s password here).

Once you successfully logged in to your account, you may now be able to make necessary changes to your router’s setting and also you can modify the default settings.

MiWifi Router Setting

Ever wondered what can you do with the default gateway of Here I have listed several things you can do with the default gateway including some common wifi setting to advanced settings.

This guide helps you to simplify the process and working of MiWifi router.

Wifi Setting

In the wifi setting, you can easily set the name of your wifi router and also from here you can change your password. The MiWifi router also facilitates “Guest Mode” through which you can create a wifi network for guest without sharing your default wifi passwords.

It also facilitates you to modify your encryption type, wireless channel, bandwidth, and signal strength.

Network Setting

From the network setting, you can get the information of your internet connection, change and modify internet settings, choose between several network type including DHCP, PPPoE, and Static IP.

It also facilitates you to configure the WAN port speed and other important things.

Security Setting

As per the name, security settings allow you to change and modify your password, add the device in the block list and unblock them, and also to control the access control panel.

If you have blocked any device from accessing the internet, from here, you can get an option to unblock the devices.

LAN Setting

LAN Setting consist of the DHCP IP addresses of the devices. It automatically assigns different IP’s to your end-devices. You can also change your default LAN IP from here through which is also known as the gateway IP.


A status panel shows you the current version of your router’s software including latest version availability, changelog, factory data reset, language, timing and also backup n recovery option.

You can also update your router’s software directly over-the-air (OTA) from status setting.

Advance Setting

The advanced setting consists of various other advanced settings for advanced users. You can also test your internet bandwidth from here and manage QoS (Quality of Services) from here.

It also facilitates you to change the DHCP/Static IP, QoS, DDNS, Port Forwording, VPN and several other advance options.

Change Default Username and Password in MiWifi Router

Don’t know how to change the default username and password in your router?

Don’t worry!

This tutorial will help you to change your username and password easily. First of all login to from your end device and log in with your default username and password.

Once you’re logged into your routers account, click on “Settings > WiFi Setting” and change your website setting from here including your wifi name and password.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

How Can I Access Network IP?

You can easily connect to the IP address from your end devices. To get connected to the gateway ensure that you’re connected with a router’s network.

Do I Need to Have an Internet Connection to Access IP?

No, You don’t need to have an internet connection to access IP. You can connect with this IP address, even if you’re not connected with an internet. But please ensure that you’re connected with valid WiFi or router.