– Default Admin Login IP address is the default gateway of most wifi router and modem. You can use this IP address to configure your router and most of the ADSL modem. Most of the wifi and router use IP address. Moreover, you can also use IP address on some other routers and ADSL modem.

All around the Globe router and modem manufacture like  Tenda, TP-Link, Linksys uses some default IP address to access their devices configuration panels.

By using this default IP address users and the Network administrator can easily locate their router configuration panels or mode to manage or make any necessary changes to fix or to modify any configuration of their device and is one of them

Click here to access your admin console and are some other most common IP address of most of the routers and modem. You can use these other IP addresses when the above IP ( gives an error. These IP addresses are commonly known as the host addresses.

You can use these IP addresses to configure your routers and modem setting, including Network Settings, Port Settings, Username & Passwords, WPS Block & Unblock and also to limit login attempts.

Furthermore, this IP address also lets you configure your router’s Security Settings, Network Management, IP QoS (Quality of Service), DNS (Domain Name Server), Proxy including VPS settings, LAN (Local Area Network), WAN (Wide Area Network), WLAN Settings, DSL and many more.

Default Username and Passwords of a Router.

If you hadn’t changed the default username and password of your router, you could check the default username, password, and host using below the table. We have alphanumerically arranged the list according to the router’s name.

What is or IP Address? is an IP address is used as a default gateway or access point in most wireless routers like TP-Link, Linksys and other network brands or ADSL modems. Network brands setup admin access in this IP address to allow users or network administrators to configure their routers and network by easily login in their routers GUI using this IP address. Some network brands use the different IP address in their router to configure them like Tenda uses, and some use or is a default private IPv4 address to configure your router. If you had newly bought your router and modem and trying to set it using your home device or computer, you could use this IP address to access the configuration wizard of your router’s page.

This ( IP address helps you to configure your routers admin console and management with ease, and you can set and adjust the network and router settings as per your comfort.

Click here to access your admin console…

How to Login to or IP Address?

Don’t know how to access the IP address and make changes to your router?

Don’t worry! In this guide, I’ll share the step-by-step guide through which you can get logged in to your admin console at IP address and make necessary changes to it.

To get logged in to IP address, make sure you’re connected with the wifi network of your router.

Once you’re connected with the wifi network of your router, enter in the address bar of your browser or click on the below link to directly access the admin console page.

Click here =>, admin, login, 192.168 11 admin

Once you clicked on the above link, it will open a login page where it asks for the username and password.

Enter your username or password, or if you’re opening the page for the first time, click here to check the default username and password of your router in our database.

Note: You can also find the default username and password on the back side of your router or on the user manual.

Once you’re logged in to the router’s admin console, you can easily manage the default setting of your router and make necessary changes to it.

These changes can include changing of username and password, network setting, blocking and unblocking of devices, changing of host IP and more.

How to Find Your Router’s IP Address?

If the IP address (long loading or not loading at all) wouldn’t work for you, you can try several other given IP address to gain access to the admin console. If you’re still having an issue opening the router’s admin console, then you can try the other IP address which is shown below, or you can even check our another guide on default gateway for routers here.
Click here to access your admin console

If you’re still not able to detect the default gateway for your router’s admin console, make sure to check out our guide on “How to Check the Default Gateway of Routers” for more help.

What can you do with or

You already know that is used to access your router GUI configuration mode/page by filling it in your device browser.

A Network administrator or Users can manage:

  • Security Settings
  • Network Management
  • IP QoS
  • DNS
  • proxy
  • LAN, WAN, WLAN settings
  • DSL and ADSL configuration
  • MAC,
  • WPS configuration
  • ACL ( Access Control List ) who can join their network or not and other things also.

All these are things that you can change or modify according to your will or option given by the router brands after accessing your router GUI configuration mode/page through the or some other IP addresses like,,

What to Do If You Forget Your Username and Password?

In case you don’t know your routers default username and password, you can check our default passwords and username of your routers here. And if you forgot your username and password you can regain access to your device by resetting.

  • In any case, if you never accessed your router, you just have to fill the default Username and Password in some routers the Username and Password both are admin and admin or
  • You can also use the sequence of these username and password combination to get your default username and password of the router.

If none of the above username and password works for you, click here to check the default username and password of your router’s model from our database.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why Can’t I Access How to Resolve This?

The default gateway is usually 10.x.x.x or 192.x.x.x, but some routers may configure it differently. To enter the configuration wizard, one should have to use the default router IP address.

If you don’t know the default router’s IP address, try the sequence of below IP addresses in your browser.

Click here to login to admin console

If none of them work, check our guide on “how to find the router’s gateway” for more information.

How Can I Login to

To get a login to these IP address, make sure you’re already connected to a router network. Once you’re connected to a valid router’s network, enter in the address bar or click on the below button to get access to console wizard.


Once you’re logged in to the IP address, you may now be able to make any necessary changes to your router and you can modify it according to your needs.

How to Reset Router If I Don’t Know the Password?

You can easily reset your password by pressing the hard button on the router. Find the reset button (You can mostly find it on the back panel of your router) and use any sharp object (Or SIM Injector Tool) to reset the router.

Once you click on the reset button, wait a few minutes to get your router reset.

What to Do If I Forget My Username and Password?

If you forget the default username and password of your router, then you can reset your router by pressing the reset button on your router.

Once you reset the router to its default settings, follow this guide to get your default username and password.

Conclusion is one of the most used IP address of a router and modems. You can use this IP address to open the configuration wizard of your router.

You can use this IP address ( to make any necessary changes to your router’s setting and modify them according to your need.

Once you’re logged in to IP address from your end device, you’re ready to make any changes to your wifi network and can easily set the firewall according to your needs.

This IP (1192.168.1.1) address is one of the most popular host IP address in various countries. Apart from this IP address, there are few more IP addresses which can be used by various other routers.  These IP addresses are, and